"There are poems inside of me that go beyond words"


                                                           Maya Glanz


You are my inspiration,

i am going to love you so deeply…long and deep

i will love you,

until you lose sense of time and space.

I will perform my velvet dance,

sliding my hands over your body,

soft and slow, satiny and delicate choreography of peace,

waves of ecstasy will overflow from your being…

bringing a loving message to every cell in your body.

This is my present to you….

i am going to love you so deeply…long and deep

i will love you.


Paiting on you

Your body is like a canvas….

the impressions I leave on your skin,

my Art.


To the great souls…

I melted through you in the heart for an eternal instant.

Love is pure conscious divine energy that goes beyond the form and lives outside time and space.


Tantra Massage is the Art of refined, delicate and elegant eroticism with a clear healing purpose that aims to open a gate to your heart.

Tantra Massage is my special creation. The body becomes a canvas, my caresses brushstrokes that flow, connect themselves and give light to the soul.

Every Tantra massage is different. Every session is a piece of Art.

A Tantra massage is a generous act of Love. With a Tantra massage i rejoice in the pleasure of giving.

It is an act of compassion and gratitude.